Committed to Bring Star-Class Solution

Tristar regards Health & Safety of its employees and users at the top of the list. The priority is to ensure the excellence standards of health & safety at work place.

With a special attention to health & safety, it accelerate the performance of a team. The result creates a synergy and increasing productivity level. There is no better place when you feel safe such as at one's home.

Health & Safety workplace is about the effects of work on people’s physical health and mental health. We believe that our employers should be able to work in an environment which protects and promotes their health. We put the health and safety of work environment as a first thing to care for.


We are using International Standards of Health and Safety Workplace for our own work environment.

Safety Plan

Creating a safety plan might requires experience in risk, so by using The International Standards we connect with the experts to build a Health and Safety Workplace.